Lake Megantic Route

  1. Location and Background
  2. History
  3. Migrations and Towns
  4. Traveler: Touchette-Pepin Family

  1. Location and Background
The old trail from the Kennebec River to Lake Megantic was part of the great circular portage between the St. Lawrence Valley and the Gulf of Maine coast, which connected the Kennebec and Chaudière watersheds. The Kennebec-Chaudière portion of this larger portage network connected Carrying Place township on the Kennebec River, through the Carry Ponds, the Dead River and the Chain of Ponds, into Lake Megantic and the Chaudière River, down which a traveler could go to the St. Lawrence.

Location Map

William Fadden's map of the Kennebec-Chaudière Portage, 1777.
Source: William Fadden, A map of the inhabited part of Canada.