Grand Trunk Railway

  1. Location and Background
  2. History
  3. Migrations and Towns
  4. Traveler: Albert Béliveau

  1. Migration and Towns
The route connected Montreal to Portland through towns like Richmond (Canada), Island Pond (Vermont), Berlin (New Hampshire), and South Paris (Maine). The Grand Trunk was built when large-scale industry began to be developed in southern Maine. Demand for shoes and clothes during the Civil War, at a time when Maine's population was lowered by war enlistements and out-migration, led to a demand for more workers. Many came from Canada. For example, the Grand Trunk Railway brought workers along a spur line to Lewiston, where they readily found work in the area's textile mills and developed one of the largest centers of French-Canadian culture in Maine.

Railroad Engine Number 40, built in 1872, in Portland, Maine, for use on the Grand Trunk Railway.

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