This website is a joint venture between the Department of Geography of Laval University and the Franco-American Center at the University of Maine.

It began in 1997 when Yvon Labbé, director of the Franco-American Center, came up with the idea of a website about Maine's Franco-American heritage. Barry Rodrigue, then a doctoral student in geography at Laval and currently professor of human sciences and coordinator of Franco-American Studies at the University of Southern Maine's Lewiston-Auburn College, responded with the clever concept of historic roadways.

Within the Department of Geography, input has come from three sectors :

Barry Rodrigue

Research, writing, and conceptualization for the section on historic roadways was carried out by Barry Rodrigue.

Matthew Hatvany, then a Gouvernement du Québec Postdoctoral scholar studying salt marsh utilisation in Atlantic Canada and Québec, wrote and assembled the section on the Aroostook Roads. He is now professor of Historical Geography at the Université Laval.

Both Harvany and Rodrigue are members of the Centre interuniversitaire d'études québécoises (CIEQ).

Matthew Hatvany

Sylvie St-Jacques

Sylvie St-Jacques, who labors with love in the department's cartography lab and Yves Brousseau, instructor and specialist in cartography, are the true artisans of the site.

Yves Brousseau

Dean Louder
Dean Louder, the site's architect, looks after the department's research group in cultural geography whose pioneer work on modern French America has marked the field. Louder and his colleagues, Eric Waddell and Cécyle Trépanier, very likely possess the broadest overall purview of any researchers involved in French North American studies.

For the Franco-American Center :

Yvon Labbé

At the Franco-American Center, Yvon Labbé, ably assisted by a visiting scholar, went to bat to obtain the funds required for the website.

Lisa Michaud

Lisa Michaud, editor of the monthly newspaper, Le Forum, and Susan Pinette, director of the Franco-American Studies program, also contributed in various and sundry ways.

Susan Pinette

Others collaborators:

Viateur Boutot

Translation for the historical roadways section was done by Viateur Boutot.

Laura Beaulieu Morin
Much of the landscape photography which embellishes the site was done by Laura Beaulieu Morin of Drummond, New Brunswick.